How to Eat Rice and be Healthy in 2022?

Looking to the latest study released by the Japan Medical Association, 20% of men and women between the ages of 30 to 49 have high levels of visceral fat.  The Japanese government is taking this opportunity to recommend a new dish to be put on its citizen’s tables– Cooked Rice Diet. This so-called diet was designed as a low-calorie, low-fat diet that includes modern scientific methods to prevent circadian rhythm disruption and metabolism disorder. In other words, this is a next-generation health food that changes the way we perceive rice as being a high-calorie dish.

Rice Diet or Cooked Rice Diet simply means a meal plan composed of all cooked rice dishes except for miso soup and soy sauce added dishes.  This meal plan can be enjoyed with an assortment of cooked rice dishes from white rice, brown rice, red rice, black glutinous rice, and mixed grain brown rice through to sweltering hot oatmeal no matter what time you eat it. It is said that this Cooked Rice Diet “completely satisfies nutritional needs”.

What kind of cooking method should be used?

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Of course, it goes without saying that the key is to select a method of cooking that uses as little oil as possible.  Of all the various ways of cooking, you can choose from steaming, boiling, stewing simmering, and pressure cooking.   

As far as ingredients go, almost any type of vegetable can be used with mixed grain brown rice or red rice. In Japan, this diet has already been conceptualized as a “dream dish” by executive chefs for its ability to utilize all kinds of leftover foodstuff from both home-cooked meals and restaurant dishes.  In addition, mixing in any leftovers from last night’s dinner means it’s easy to incorporate fresh vegetables rich in fiber and nutrients into your diet.

As mentioned previously, the time of day you eat is also a factor when considering the Cooked Rice Diet.  Medical professionals say that eating your main meal during lunchtime and having a light evening meal maximizes the body’s ability to metabolize food efficiently.  This might well be exactly what your body was designed for by evolution.

That being said, all-cooked rice dishes are delicious as snacks as well as meals so you can expect this diet to become tremendously popular with those who have been struggling to lose weight or those who have simply been looking for a healthy dieting strategy in 2022 and beyond.   

So, how does it work?  Let’s look at what happens to your metabolism when you switch from a Western diet to a cooked rice dish.

▼Western Diet Metabolism

In the West, fatty and dairy products make up much of peoples’ meals, resulting in higher levels of protein intake.  As a result, your metabolism slows down because your body is working harder to process protein into energy.      

▼Cooked Rice Metabolism

On the other hand, by incorporating cooked rice dishes rich in carbohydrates into daily meals without adding fats, you end up with far less glucose in your bloodstream which results in steady energy for longer periods of time. Plus, all that fiber helps reduce cholesterol absorption meaning there is no excess glucose left over for your body to store as fat.   

How to Stay Healthy while eating Rice?  

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In order to utilize the full benefits of a Cooked Rice Diet, you will have to pay attention to how your body responds.  People who dislike veggies may be surprised at first because by incorporating a variety of cooked rice dishes into meals, you’ll find that you’re eating a lot more fiber-rich vegetables than before. This is ideal as it helps lower bad cholesterol levels and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.      

Also, it goes without saying that you should avoid adding extra ingredients such as salt or soy sauce when cooking rice dishes as this defeats the purpose of eating healthier in the first place! In short, remember not to overcook your food and go easy on condiments too.   

In addition, if possible try using some beans or lentils for added protein content. 

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▼The Future of the Cooked Rice Diet

Interest in this diet is set to take off with the news that five people who were on a cooked rice dish diet for over two weeks saw their weight reduced by an average of ten percent during this period.     

Additionally, it’s thought that cooking food in bulk and portioning them out into lunchboxes will be the ultimate way to enjoy all-cooked rice dishes by allowing you to mix together different varieties of healthy foodstuff with ease.  For example, low-salt tamagoyaki roll sushi could be enjoyed using brown rice instead of white could actually help reduce cholesterol levels when eaten alongside white rice.   


So, there you have it!  As long as you’re eating your grains in the form of whole grains and stay away from fatty stuff or additives, the Cooked Rice Diet is simple to follow, healthy for your body, and can be adapted to suit any taste buds.   

Whether you are an athlete looking to build muscle through bulking up on carbs between meals or a busy housewife seeking easy dishes for lunchboxes with longer shelf lives, this diet will work just fine.  Health experts predict that many more people will embrace this diet in 2022, so don’t miss out!

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