How to be Curvy and Fit – Tips for Girls & Guys

To be a curvy girl isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes hard work and dedication to achieve the look of a curved-bodied fashionista — and we’ve got some steps on how you can get there. Here’s what you need:

How to be Curvy and a Fit Girl – Tips for Girls

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Curvacious and Slimming Workout Plan for Girls:

Follow these activities and you’ll be curvy and fit in no time:

-1.  Swim at least three times a week for half an hour, and try to avoid sunbathing as much as possible because it can actually make your body look flabby.

-2.  Eat lots of healthy food, like fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products which are essential to keep your figure slim and also improve the chances of conceiving naturally.

-3.  To tone up your body even more include some intense activities like jumping jacks or crunches in your cardio workouts twice a week for 10 minutes each session.

-4. Finally, work belly dancing your workout routine two times every week for 45 minutes.

-5.  And, last but not least remember to never skip meals and maintain a healthy diet with lots of water that’s all it takes to be curvy!

Curvacious Fashionista Must-Haves for Girls:

Some items are essential if you want a curvaceous look. If you don’t have them in your closet yet here are some suggestions:

-1. Skirts! A woman is never complete without her skirt collection because it’s an important part of any fashionista’s wardrobe, especially when she wants to go out on weekends or special occasions.

-2. Dark-colored skinny jeans and leggings are hot favorites to go with skirts as well as long shirts.

-3. A pair of high heels will give you those extra five inches.

-4. Corsets, which can be worn under any shirt or dress, make your waist look thinner instantly.

-5. Fitted jackets and coats give your body a curvy line even if it’s a little too thin to handle right now.

So there you have it! These tips on how to become a curvaceous fashionista should help you achieve the look of a curvaceous girl in no time just by following these steps regularly and sticking with your diet and exercise program until you see instant results… then maintain them forever!

How to be Curvy and a Fit Guy – Tips for Guys

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Sunny McBride’s article, ” How to be Curvy and Fit” is shortsighted in assuming that girls are the only ones who would want to look good. Boys are trying desperately to achieve the same sorts of goals. As any guy will tell you, it isn’t easy being skinny. While guys may not have as many issues with their weight, they still want a toned body that goes well with their skinniness. I’m sure boys can appreciate some tips on how they can get there just as easily as any girl.

Curvacious and Slimming Workout Plan for Guys:

Even though guys don’t have curves as girls do, it is still a challenge for a guy to be skinny and toned. Here’s how you can achieve the look of a curvaceous boy:

-1. Workouts at home to tone your body – Sit-ups, Crunches, Jogging, Pushups, and even Dancing are all great ways to get in shape without leaving your house or having any fancy equipment.

-2. Don’t go on any fad diets! Never skip meals because it messes with your metabolism and prevents you from getting enough calories each day for energy and growth.

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Curvacious Fashionista Must-Haves for Guys:

There is still some need for fashion when you’re trying to be curvaceous… but it’s much less what girls need to achieve their look and more just general style.

-1. Show off your figure! Wear clothes that fit well and show off your muscles, even if you’re skinnier than most other teenagers.

-2. Layer upon the clothing – layers are always in style for guys or girls because it adds to the dimension of your physique. It’s nearly impossible to tell if somebody is super skinny under lots of layers… so go ahead and try it out… experiment with different colors too!

You’ll probably never end up looking like a Charles Atlas model but these tips can help you get there without spending hours at the gym every day. You might not have girls chasing you anymore but at least you’ll be toned enough to catch their eye if you put some effort into your style and workout routine.

Working together, we can stop the stereotypes and encourage both boys and girls to feel good about themselves! Here’s to looking great and feeling great!


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